Listen: Pop Daydream Playlist


When Marissa asked me to make a playlist for Canvas & Cassette, I was equal parts honored and intimidated. Marissa knows that I only really listen to pop music, and surely people don’t need a playlist suggesting “popular” music to listen to. If it’s pop music, people generally just already know it, right? 

In some ways, pop music is the same as it has ever been (Aly & AJ are back with new music, for instance), but there are also so many independent artists in pop music making awesome music and changing the game (Betty Who and Verité are two on this playlist). Artists like Charli XCX are putting out more music than pop radio can even keep up with. There’s so much more than when we were kids. This list is comprised of some mainstream artists, but also just random artists that I find on iTunes every Friday when new music drops. The Aces and Carlie Hanson are two surprises in particular that have way more to offer than just the two songs on this playlist. So please, let yourself get lost in this pop daydream. 

Rhett Sosebee is a comedian based in Boston, MA. Check out his podcast Regularly Scheduled Programming.

- Rhett Sosebee