Pause for Effect: An Ode to Gabe

Gabe Kahane 1.jpg

Over the last decade, Gabriel Kahane has quietly established himself as one of the leading exponents of American song, grafting a deep interest in storytelling to a keen sense of harmony and rhythm.

Kahane has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, Blake Mills, and Chris Thile, the front man of Punch Brothers. Pictured above is a photo of Kahane (taken by Taylor Rynski) with his favorite word ‘craquellure,’ a reference to the fine network of cracks that appear on the surface of dried paint.

if I had come to New York one year later than I did
there would be exactly one fatal flaw
in this mishap of time.
A house on a hill
now just a garden
but still
We went there one night
and I guess I stayed to watch the show
with Carson and Auden and
whose names I’d never heard
until they were sang to me.

The man behind the music
knows what the apocalypse sounds like
(I think he’s secretly been)
have him take you to Union Station
and if you talk about the LA riots
ask about Latasha Harlins

Books I’ve read
and movies I’ve seen
because of one line
in one song
an infinite pleasure.

you gave me
the soundtrack of home
and all I could give you
was this ode.

- Taylor Rynski