Maker Spotlight: Chris Lucero


Chris Lucero was born and raised in Queens, New York, and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a major in Design & Tech along with a minor in Printmaking. While working at Muji as a salesperson, he spent his time doodling an unhappy old man doing daily tasks while standing in the front of the store greeting customers. From there, this old man character developed into Lucero’s popular series Old Man Days. While his physical appearance was subconsciously inspired by his partner’s grandfather, the character’s actions are modeled after Lucero as he explored the thoughts of old age and situations he hopes to one day take part in when he enters into his own old man days.

When Lucero isn’t creating more scenarios for his Old Man Days collection, he’s creating work with his collectives Part-Time Pigeon and Lucky Risograph at YUI Gallery or experimenting with resin casting while designing a new post-apocalyptic comic series which will make it’s debut at Mocca Festival 2019.

-Autumn Fox