His & Hers Album Review: Emma Bowers' "In The Morning"

Images by Lexa Wakefield

Images by Lexa Wakefield


Emma Bowers’ EP, In the Morning, in a word, is dope. Chaotic and dirty guitar tunes are brought together with simple rhythms and a soothing voice. If I were to describe to someone how to perfectly set a mood in the background of a song, In the Morning would be my example. Ambient music has become a somewhat overused effect that can often overtake the rest of the song and lose its purpose, but Emma Bowers uses it perfectly.

Every element allows her voice to ring out without losing any of the creative song making. All three of the songs are strong musically and have similar flavors without simply repeating the same things over and over again. I love this EP! I’m really looking forward to hearing more of this artist’s music and willing to wait patiently to find out what else she has in her head.

-JT Mercer

Emma Bowers’ voice combines a carefree spirit with emotional depth. Her sincere and open lyrics leave the listener sure of the emotions she is expressing. Her voice combined with the instrumentals to create a dreamy sound, which lends more gravitas to her honest lyrics; in Emma’s music, I was reminded of a friend who always told me that dreams tell you how you really feel about someone.

This EP is made up of three songs: “Tired Thing,” “In The Morning,” and “Jonathan.” All three are joys to listen to, but my favorite has to be “Jonathan.” The last chorus of “Jonathan” aches for closure, which is just one example of the sincerity of Emma’s lyrics. I loved each song on this EP, and am extremely excited to hear what else Emma Bowers releases in the future.

- Becca Mercer